Pictorial Quilts the Easy Way

This is a unique, step by step process that takes you from a photograph to a quilt. Using one of a selection of my flower photos, you will learn how to draw your own design and audition appropriate fabrics. An original method of layered machine appliqué will be taught using both freezer paper and iron on stabilizer. We will also spend time in designing a pictorial quilt from your own photograph or drawing.


Topics Covered:

1. Choosing the appropriate photograph.

 2. Drawing the design.        3. Enlarging the design.

 4. Choosing fabrics.            5. Technique for layered machine appliqué.

 6. Drawing a design from your own photograph. (second day)


 Level: Intermediate

 Length: One or two days. (If two days, a sewing machine is required.)

 Kit fee: $5.00

 Fee: Contact me.

 Max. Class Size 20